Colour Services
(excluding cut)

We use Majirel ™ and Inoa ™ colouring

Permanent Colourfrom £40
INOA Ammonia Free Permanent Colourfrom £45
Re-Growth Colourfrom £30
Semi Permanentfrom £35
Glossingfrom £15
Bleaching & Tonerfrom £50
Full Head BleachBy Consultation
Colour Correct Ion
By Consultation

Highlights / Lowlights

Top Sectionfrom £40
Half Headfrom £50
Full Headfrom £65
Foilfrom £3.50 each


Brazilian Blow Dryfrom £90
Selagemfrom £75
Keratin Treatmentfrom £40
Dry Cutfrom £25
Cut And Blow Dryfrom £35
Wash And Blow Dryfrom £20
Extra Tongingfrom £8
Wash And Setfrom £30
Permfrom £45
Hair Upfrom £40


Wash And Cutfrom £18
Dry Cutfrom £15
Colourfrom £25

Children (Up to 13 years old)

Boys Cutfrom £15
Girls Cutfrom £20
Fringe Trimfrom £5


Pay As You Go£1 per minute
60 Minute Course£52
100 Minute Course£72




Lycon Logo

We use Lycon Precision Wax as standard.

Upper Lip Or Chin£6
Full Face (exc. eyebrows)£15
Arms Full£20
Arms Half£15
Full Leg£28
Half Leg£17
Regular Bikini£15
Brazilian Bikini£18
Full Wax Package (Full Arms, Legs and Bikini)£60
Hot Waxing

Lycon Logo

We use Lycon Precision Wax as standard.

Lip / Chin£8
Brazilian Bikini£25
Mens Waxing

Lycon Logo

We use Lycon Precision Wax as standard.

Back & Shoulder£32
Chest & Stomach£28
Full Arm£24
Half Arm£18
Full Legs£35
Half Legs£25
Cellulite Therapy

Cellulite Therapy smoothes away cellulite and tones the skin on your legs, hips, buttocks, arms, stomach and chin. Almost anyone can suffer from cellulite, so this popular therapy was developed to reduce its appearance whilst lifting and firming the skin, all in one non-invasive treatment.

This state of the art process works by releasing the fat from the tight connective tissue that holds your fat cells, expelling water and toxins in the process. This is combined with our Crystal Clear Body Firm complex, which contains revolutionary drainage and infiltration ingredients to actively increase microcirculation and drain the swollen tissue.

A course of ten treatments is recommended for best results, depending on the area treated.

Legs30 minutes£45
Stomach15 minutes£25
Arms25 minutes£30

Course of ten treatments recommended (2 per week). Pay for 9 and get the 10th one free!


Buy 5 and get 1 free!

FusioMed RF30 minutes£50
FusioMed RF (Course Of 6)£250
FusioMed RF Cavitation30 minutes£50
FusioMed RF Cavitation (Course Of 6)£250
Combine FusioMed RF, Cavitation And Endomassage60 minutes£95
Combine FusioMed RF, Cavitation And Endomassage (Course of 6)£520
Combine FusioMed RF, Cavitation And Lipoice (1 Area)90 minutes£500
Combine FusioMed RF, Cavitation And Lipoice (1 Area) (Course Of 4)£1,500
Combine FusioMed RF, Cavitation And Lipoice (2 Areas)150 minutes£800
Combine FusioMed RF, Cavitation And Lipoice (2 Areas) (Course Of 4)£2,000
Body Hair Removal IPL / Laser
Abdomen (Line)£30
Abdomen (Whole)£70
Abdomen & Chest£100
Chest (Inc Breast / Nipple)£70
Breasts (Full)£35
Arms (Underarms)£35
Arms Lower All Round£60
Arms Upper All Round£50
Arms Whole All Round£90
Back (Upper)£50
Back (Lower)£50
Back Full£100
Back & Shoulders£120
Hands & Fingers£35
Bikini (Line)£45
Bikini (Extended)£50
Bikini (Full Pubic)£70
Legs (Lower All Round)£90
Legs (Upper All Round)£90
Legs Full All Round£160
Feet & Toes£35


Dermalogica Facials

Our Dermalogica treatments are designed just for you after a consultation with one of our skin care professionals, making sure you and your skin get the best out of your treatments.

All facials start with a consultation. Face mapping is free.

Course of 6 treatments, pay for 5 and get the 6th one free! Discounted packages are pre-paid in advance of the treatment and are non refundable or transferable.

Express Facial£25.50

This 30 minute skin treatment will concentrate on what your skin needs most! This skin Lesson will leave your skin feeling great and you with the knowledge to keep it that way!

The Core£38

This treatment is tailor made for each client using products prescribed by our skin specialists especially for your skin. Each facial will start with a deep cleanse and include:- exfoliation, massage, masque and finishing with prescribed conditioners leaving your skin feeling fantastic.

Age Smart£47.50

This treatment is the most powerful Dermalogica treatment designed specifically for concerns with the signs of aging. Ideal for prematurely aging, dry, Sun damaged and aging skin in need of nourishment, regenerating and energising. This revitalizing treatment is packed full of vitamins and nourishing ingredients. Using hydroxyl acids, exfoliation and energising massage techniques encouraging noticeable improvement in the elasticity, tone and texture of your skin.


Clearer skin starts now! The MediBac facial works to treat, clear and prevent adult acne while addressing the needs of adult skin.

Ultra Calming£43

Red, itching, burning skin – don’t conceal it, control it! This treatment is serious relief for sensitised skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated inflamed skin. By targeting the triggers behind the redness, itching and stinging, this treatment will help recover skin health for long-term relief from flare-ups.

Crystal Clear Treatments
Crystal Clear Beauty Flash£35
Crystal Clear MDA£45
Crystal Clear Deluxe£60
Crystal Clear Hand Treatment£23

Course of 10 treatments recommended (2 per week). Pay for 9 and get the 10th one free!

Eye Care
Eyebrow Shape£5
Eyebrow Tint£6
Eyelash Tint£12
Lash / Brows Tint£16
Fake Eyelashesfrom £10
Make Up£40

Threading is a depilation technique which is an ancient Indian skill simply performed using pure cotton thread to remove unwanted hair. Threading is fast becoming recognised by the western world as the preferred technique of removing facial hair as it results in clean lines and shapes the face.

Eyebrow Threading£8
Full Face Threading (excluding eyebrows)£20
Middle Of Brow£5
Upper Lip£4.50
Lower Lip£4.50
Chinfrom £4
Cheeksfrom £4
Neckfrom £10
Foreheadfrom £7
Full Face£25
Lash Perfect – Eyelash Extensions

Lash perfect is a UK market leading brand in semi – permanent eyelash extension which lasts up to 8 to 12 weeks with regular maintenance. Lash Perfect extensions gives your natural eyelashes thickness and length whilst being light and comfortable on the eye.

Semi Permanent From£65 per set
Maintenancefrom £25
Facial Procedures For Rejuvenation, Acne And Scarring
Laser / IPL Facial30 minutes£50
Laster / IPL Facial (Course Of 6)£250
FusioMed30 minutes£50
FusioMed (Course Of 6)£250
Micro Skin Abrasion30 minutes£50
Micro Skin Abrasion (Course Of 6)£250
Combine Laser / IPL And FusioMed60 minutes£95
Combine Laser / IPL And FusioMed (Course of 6)£520
Face Hair Removal IPL / Laser
Face (Full)£80
Side Of Face£50
Upper Lip£30
Neck (Front)£30
Neck (Back)£30
Neck (Full)£55


Manicure (45 mins)£20
Pedicure (60 mins)£30
Manicure & Pedicure£40
Quick Manicure (15 mins)£12
Quick Pedicure (15 mins)£17
French Manicure (40 mins)£23
French Pedicure (60 mins)£33
French Manicure and Pedicure (90 mins)£43
Quick French Manicure (20 mins)£15
Quick French Pedicure (30 mins)£20
Quick French Manicure And Pedicure (30 mins)£30
Re Varnish
Little Hands£5
Little Feet£10
Shellac Manicure (50 mins)£30
Shellac Pedicure (60 mins)£35
Shellac Manicure and Pedicure (90 mins)£60
Shellac French Manicure (45 mins)£33
Shellac French Pedicure (60 mins)£38
Shellac French Manicure and Pedicure (110 mins)£65
Only Apply Shellac (30 mins)£20
Remove Shellac Hands & Feet£10
Paraffin Nails Treatment
Paraffin Hands£20
Paraffin Feet£30
Paraffin Hands & Feet£45
Nail Extensions / Overlay
Gel Powder Full Set£35
Gel Powder Infill£25
Acrylic Powder Full Set£20
Acrylic Powder Infill£15
Toe Nails Full Set£30
Toe Nails Infill£25
Pink & White Full Set£35
Pink & White Infill£25
Shellac / Gel Polish On Topextra £10
Take offfrom £10
Take off Powder to Renew Full Set / Shellac / Manicurefrom £10
Take Off & Polishfrom £12
Cut & Shape£5
Cut, Shape & Polish£8
Single Fingerfrom £3
Single Toe£5
Nail Art
Art PaintExtra £5
Single Art PaintExtra £1
Diamond (Set of 10)£3